Wordpress - Am I Scaring You?

I don't know about you, but I researched to find out what others were doing to maintain their blog safe, and when I secured my WordPress site, I found information I was confused. And some of the data was in fact on the top or superstitious. People told me rename this folder, to rename this file and set up these ten plugins. It appeared to be quite a bit of work and effort.

Since scare tactics appear to be what drives some people to take fix malware problem a little more seriously, or at the very least start thinking about the problem, let me shoot a couple of scare tactics your way.

Do not depend on your Web host - Many men and women rely on their web host to"do all that technical stuff for me", not realizing that sometimesthey don't! Far better to have the responsibility lie rather than from your control.

Yes, you want to do regular backups of check my reference your site. I recommend at least a weekly database backup and a monthly "full" backup. More. Definitely if wikipedia reference you make additions and changes to your website. If you have a community of people that are in there all the time, or make changes multiple times a day, a backup should be a minimum.

In addition to adding a secret key to your wp-config.php document, also think about changing your user password to something that's strong and unique. A great tip is to avoid phrases, use letters, and include numbers, although you will be told the strength of your password by wordPress. It's also a good idea to change your password regularly - say once every six months.

However, I recommend that you set up the Login LockDown plugin rather than any.htaccess controls. Login requests will be ceased by that from being allowed from a specific official statement IP-ADDRESS for an hour or so after three failed login attempts. If you accomplish this, it is still possible to access your cell while and yet you still have great protection against hackers.

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